d7000 vs d300, motorbike racing

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Re: d7000 vs d300, motorbike racing

Kerry Pierce wrote:

Bobzilla2 wrote:

Hi. Its been done a bit to death over on Nikonians, but I'm not sure how much I trust some of them - some of the users seem to be a bit 'pro vs high end consumer' snobbish - they'd never buy a dxxxx just because its not a dxxx designation. Which doesn't really help me.

I haven't been on Nikonians for a very long time. I'm rather surprised though, that they are acting snobbish as a group. So, I wonder if you're confusing snobbery with a genuine appreciation of the differences in the feature lists.

Given a choice, I'd always choose a dxxx camera over a dxxxx camera, simply on features and capability.

Sound choice.

Historically, the dxxx cameras have always had better overall performance, better AF, better bodies, AF-On button and many other useful features that the dxxxx cameras didn't have.

Yes. You could not possibly be wrong. I know that because I read elsewhere you shoot a D300. Or was it a D3? Sorry, I forgot.

That isn't snobbery on my part.

Of course not!

I own a d5100 and a d7000, in addition to the d300, d700 and d3s.

Yes. I am with you. I, myself, own a Nikon D4, Audi RS-4, and an Exobar Brewtus IV.

I've only had the d5100 for about a month, but I've had the d7k and d3s since Feb.

Since Feb?

You are a newbie???

You should be banned from posting in DX Pro forum!

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