What's your DP2M and SPP 5.4.1 settings?

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Re: What's your DP2M and SPP 5.4.1 settings?


f2.8 - f4 for high bokeh settings.

f5.6-8 for ultra DOF

Exposure Compensation: +.3

Color: Neutral

RAW only

WB: Generally use AWB but I have a grey card for trickier situations


In a setting I labeled 'Starting Pt"

Exposure: -0.3

Fill: +0.3 t0 +0.7 (your scene may vary)

Color: Neutral

WB: Original or Auto

Color Adj: 2M (for some reason it's been recommended to pump up the magenta)

If you want BW Go monochrome here.


First one: To the left

Second one: To the left

Banding: Middle (may be adjusted to the right for certain situations when it's noted)

All other adjustments I leave at default factory settings.

Save as 16-bit TIFF files.

Finish in Lightroom (very little adj is needed. I usually import, adjust noise a touch to 15 - 26 for luminance. 15-33 for color (again adjust as needed)

Click auto. If it looks weird just adjust exposure +/- to taste.

Also adjust areas you might want to micro adjust tone curve. But in my experience the camera has been nailing it perfectly.

Very little else.

If you want to tinker with saturation, contrast, luminance and other things..that's up to you.

If you want to shoot anything at higher ISO's I do have Topaz software's DeNoise plug-in.

Generally I'll use it on color images up to ISO 1000. BW images to ISO 4000. It leaves the image with a 'romantic' fine grain effect like you would have seen using film.

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