Canon shooter taking the D800E plunge. Advice needed.

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Re: Canon shooter taking the D800E plunge. Advice needed.

Don't do it.

I took the plunge sold my 5D3 and bought an D800, little did I know I was a victim of the Dreaded AF issue.  Sold it 2 weeks later and lost about 900$.

Nikon obviously has their hands firmly over their ears regarding the issue, still no fix to date.

I honestly question those who claim they have no AF issues.  I have a few friends who own D800's for months and claim they don't have AF issues.  Well, I tested their cameras last week and guess what?  They have AF issues.

Most don't properly test their AF to even care, hell, I didn't even know about the issue until I got done with my shoot and noticed majority of the portrait shots are out of focus.

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