Cloning a SSD Drive?

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Re: Cloning a SSD Drive?

Manne wrote:

Did not have any issues with CS5 swapping drives back and fourth. I did a complete re-install of everything including CS5. Before I cleaned the old drive, I deactivated CS5 under the "Help"

section. Re-installed CS5 on the new system, activated and done. As long as you don't re-install PS you should be O.K. Just the same it doesn't hurt to deactivate, to be on the safe side. Deactivation will not shut down the program.

Office 2010 is a different kettle of fish. Every time you swap drive or make a change to your system you are up for re-activation. It sucks big time.


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Right-- deactivation being the key. However the last time I had to restore a cloned C drive, the original drive was dead and I was unable to do this. I de/re-activated Adobe Master Suite several times to upgrade a HD or whole computer system.

I did have a problem w/ MSOffice awhile back when reinstalling, but a phone call got things back and running. They need to talk to Adobe to learn how to implement a better activation system! Although I've heard numerous people complain about Adobe as well...

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