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You do good work

I have appreciated the fine images you have shared over the years and respect your photographic abilities and willingness to share.

I'm afraid I have difficulty respecting your attempt to walk both sides of the line - hobby and profits.

As a hobby, do all you want for free, or in-kind trade where appropriate, and write up taxes likewise.

Charging for your services and products is (most likely) going to be viewed as a business venture, above board or under the table, again, depending on how you write up your taxes.

Everything we do has tradeoffs.  We trade our knowledge, experience, skills and TIME in return for the  $$$ we're paid, which goes towards our bills, our savings, our food, clothing, toys and vacations.

Once our basic needs are covered by our "jobs", how much is it worth to spend time away from family and loved ones?  Is it worth $25 to do a family portrait session, the pre and post time, and sell a couple 8x10's from that 3-4 hour total involvement?

May I suggest Help-Portrait community, NILMDTS, OpLove and any of the other avenues to share your photographic talents, as a hobby.

Some of the high unemployed in your area just might be photographers, with a real knowledge of cost of goods sold,  not supported by a lucrative other paycheck.

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