d7000 vs d300, motorbike racing

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Re: d7000 vs d300, motorbike racing

Bobzilla2 wrote:

Hi. Its been done a bit to death over on Nikonians, but I'm not sure how much I trust some of them - some of the users seem to be a bit 'pro vs high end consumer' snobbish - they'd never buy a dxxxx just because its not a dxxx designation. Which doesn't really help me.

I currently have a D60.

I still have this body, and agree it could be a pain re AF.

Its not big enough for me, and the lack of AF motor and AIS metering has become the limiting factor - I can't afford to drop £1,200 on an f2.8 70-200 lens when there are perfectly good AiS ones for a fifth of the price, just because my camera body is a consumer model.

So, new camera time. My options appear to be s/h D300 body for £350-400, or new D7000 for £620. What would you do and why?

The thing is both these cameras are going to do motorbike racing just fine.

I know about the 8fps on the 300 plus grip, and that's not a deal breaker for me. I have heard about the AF differences, with some people saying that the difference is just that for D300 users its a different system in the D7000, and so its getting your head round the new system as much as anything else. I am not an early adopter, and so the answer is never going to be a D400, at least not for a few years when it comes down in price.

So, for motorbike racing, would you go for the s/h D300, or pay half as much

I am all confused, because you just said the D7k was almost twice the the s/h D300.

again for a new D7000, and why?

New D7000. And the keyword is _new_.

D300(s) is quickly becoming an antique. Look at the performance of each camera when the light is less than perfect. You are not using your camera exclusively for motorbike racing, or are you?

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