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Re: Superior versus idiosyncratic autofocus

David Lal wrote:

Bobzilla2 wrote:

So, for motorbike racing, would you go for the s/h D300, or pay half as much again for a new D7000, and why?


When the specs first came out I wanted a D7000 - but then problems seemed to emerge: out of focus shots, oil on the sensor and whatnot. Of course, the fanboys stoutly defended their recent purchases, often putting it all down to user error and the need to adopt a new (idiosyncratic?) methodology for autofocus. Well, maybe they were right - or maybe there is no smoke without fire?

At any rate, it put me off big time.

The power of Internet.

I do birds (quite a bit more demanding, I think than motorbikes) and am very critical about the resolution of fine detail and the accuracy of autofocus. So, rightly or wrongly, I gave the D7000 a miss and a couple of months ago bought a secondhand D300 for GBP£ 500

Good to know.

which I got from Grays of Westminster, London (superb company) and that included a 1 year dealer warranty.

I could not be happier with my purchase. The autofocus I would say is unparalleled

Not to diminish the D300 AF, but it is unparalleled as compared to what? A D70?

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