Could there be a downside to going from 16 to 24 Megapixels? No?

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Re: Could there be a downside to going from 16 to 24 Megapixels? No?

VidJa wrote:

Nice discussion, I am in the same 'race'

I have an old D50 with old 50mm and old 105 micro nikkor, both need a motor.

So taking the D7000 and replacing my 18-55 with a 18-105 would set me back EUR898,- (and leave me with no excuse to upgrade the 105 micronikkor (WAF ;))

Taking the D5100 +18-105 would cost EUR 574, a AF-S 50 costs 217 and the 105 micronikkor does EUR 699. I guest I can get EUR 250-300 for the old 50 and 105) totalling up to EUR 1190

The D3200 would add up to 1250

So, the only thing to think about is the bloody articulated display, a very nice asset for my beloved macro work.

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I believe that having a real pentaprism than "pentamirror" as D5100 bears, finds a more often use than the screen will ever do... Body quality (huge difference between the two) will "protect" the investment better too... one more thing to consider is that this extra "axle" may find some extra use in the future... So may be for the "non-CPU lens data" and the DOF button... and (of course) having 2 cards is a thing to consider... among others!


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