Gig pictures COL>>B/W: suggestions, feedback and what to improve?

Started Nov 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
MOD Prstl2 Senior Member • Posts: 1,384
Original VS what you created...

do not match, small mistake I am sure.  I do like the effect you have achieved.



jv0guano wrote:

Hi people.

I did this shot at a concert, and I right away liked how the lights were creating rays and shades on the bassist.

Indeed, I thought that, since colours are not so outstanding here, considering the dark venues and my poor lens, I would gain a more dramatic effect by rendering the pic in BW, where the lights can create an interesting contrast with the black figure of the bassist and the dark surroundings.

This is what I created.

Personally, as a beginner, I'm quite satisfied with it.

But do you have suggestions for me?

What I could have done better and how? (being aware that there is not such thing as "the best", but being a novice there are for sure approaches for me to learn, which are widely recognised as "good" and "bad".

thank you!

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