problems converting D800 NEFs to DNG

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Re: @ spqr_ca !

JP Scherrer wrote:

Thanks for the clarifications !


BTW, for the same image, does DNG produces a smaller file than TIF !

Very likely. But having said that, the K-5 didn't produce TIFF images by default, so my only source for TIFF creation was through Photoshop and they were massively larger than the DNG source images as a result. I haven't tried the TIFF option on the D800, but I do know that they are larger than the NEF option if I remember what I read in the manual

At any rate, I'd like to see camera makers adopt a standardized format. I don't know if it should be DNG or something else, but the hodge-podge that is currently out there is a bit of a mess and isn't getting any better. It would seem more likely to happen if Adobe submitted the DNG format to ISO standardization and removed any patent claims as part of that action. It could happen, I suppose.

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