7D and Dutch birds incl a 3200ISO shot

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Re: 7D and Dutch birds incl a 3200ISO shot

ToXiQ wrote:

So first some low ISO shots all exif is in the photo's

1: Robin

: Long-eared owl

3: Crested tit

: Bohemian Waxwing

5: Kingfisher

6: Chaffinch

7: Jay

8: Norhtern Goshawk (Female)

9: Norhtern Goshawk (Male)

0: Northern Goshawk 3200ISO shot almost in the dark

Let me say first that I most of the time publish photo's at the internet for arround 95%. The other 5% gets published. I know that people wil say hey that 3200 ISO shot is to small to say if it is bad or not. The only reason I will print this shot is to see how GOOD it will be on paper.

Photo has been made at 17:45 that will say 15 minits later it is dark here in the Netherlands.

thanks for looking

regards Walter

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Beautiful shots.  Thanks for sharing.  What lens are you using ?.  Also, what how did you clean up for noise on your high iso photo ?  Would appreciate hearing on this.  Thanks

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