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I've read through this thread with great interest as I am just beginning to research some lighting options. I too have the Manfrotto bracket, but dread the thought of wielding it in the field, especially handheld. What I am wondering, though, is if you have tried rotating your diffuser 90 degrees (or so) and shooting light through it from a bracket-mounted speedlight. It might require some bending of the diffuser frame, but seems possible (at least as a thought experiment).

It should be possible to put a flash on a bracket and simply pivot the diffuser 90 degrees. Do you want to do this in order to shoot in portrait orientation?

As far as bending the diffuser frame, that would be really difficult. It's made of spring steel, and smiply pops back to it's original shape when you try to bend it. You'd probably have to take out the spring, heat it red-hot, bend it, then quench it in cool water in order to put a bend in it.

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