Importing images, Lightroom or Bridge.?

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Re: Importing images, Lightroom or Bridge.?

JulesJ wrote:

Robert J. Gonzalez wrote:

How about, "Via the operating system?"

Just dump your images into folders.

Exactly, that's what I do. Download to the computer and then decide where you want them. But it's interesting here that everyone hates Bridge. I tend to agree, although i have just started using CS6 and have tried the latest Bridge and it's not too bad, mini bridge can be quite useful if your are doing loads with PS as I do.


Same here-- drag/drop with Windows Explorer then import into LR. Simpler and avoids some potential "got-cha's" going the LR import route. Of course if you're locked in to a LR workflow and take advantage of some of the features when importing, that will work fine.

I'll chime in and agree with the Bridge detractors. But they're such fundamentally different programs as Bridge is basically a file browser and LR a database system, I don't think a comparison is all that useful.

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