Expensive gear - Not the number one priority in photography.

Started Nov 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
jjnik Senior Member • Posts: 1,319
Re: simple explanation

gl2k wrote:

Unfortunately the average layman can't value them and is therefore not willing to pay. Instead the brother of the groom or nephew of the bride takes his/her recently bought DSLR or whatever and takes a few snaps of mediocre quality. And ... since nobody cares about even the basics of taking a decent image everybody is happy. Nuff said.

Exactly - I'm amazed at what many people are happy with and think is good IQ.  The bar has been lowered (imho) and will continue to descend as many in the upcoming generation judge IQ only by how an image looks on their mobile phone or facebook.  Also, like alot of  other things in life these days, many people are just not willing to pay more for better quality.

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