Cloning a SSD Drive?

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Re: Cloning a SSD Drive?

Manne wrote:

Hi Timzee,

It should not be a problem. I have recently cloned SSD's and HDD's. The program to use Paragon Drive Copy, they have a sale on right now. I found it much easier to use than Acronis, no contest. I cloned a 1TB HDD to a 80GB SSD, no problem.

Paragon will ignore all empty spaces, only cloning relevant data. When cloning back to your SSD make sure to allow for sufficient free space on your SSD.


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Thanks for the input Manne. Also, I've been looking at Paragon software for cloning having used Acronis in the past. No real issues with Acronis but willing to compare other programs.

When I've restored from a cloned HD in the past, I typically just swap out the old HD for the newer clone. That's a good option to have in the case of a HD failure. But if it's just a case of some kind of Windows or HD corruption and both drives are in good shape, I would probably just restore from the clone.

Given the SDD is a bit pricey, I'd prefer to use option 2 (restore from a standard HD clone) rather than having to invest in a 2nd SDD.

I also seem to remember that no matter which route one takes, there will likely be issues with Adobe's activation system requiring you to have to call them and explain what you're trying to do.

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