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Re: Eye floaters.. anxiety

We all have floaters and most of us don't notice it. It's well known that anxiety can cause you to notice floaters more. Also, when you do photography and that involves a massive solid color like the sky, you'll notice floaters. Everyone will notice a floater or more.

Floaters are rarely an indication of anything serious. They're always present.

It's not a good idea to have a surgery to "remove" floaters. The risks far outweigh the benefits. Floaters are not going to make you blind or harm you in terms of health.

It may be distressing to you if you demand yourself that you see pristine vision of the sky without interference.

Even cameras have "floaters" and that's why we have software to automatically remove them.

Accept your floaters and move on. Don't read too much about them. You'll lose some of your sight, some of your hearing, some of your taste, and so on. That's aging and you cannot avoid it.

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