D600, OM-D, % X-E1 on Hand...Questions or test shots?

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Re: Lindsay

I appreciated you providing your link. It was helpful. Also thanks to mailman for the posting efforts as well in this thread.

Lindsay, at what size of print do you start to see enough differences between these two cameras? My background has been mostly in the MF and LF arena. Lately in digital I'm using D700 soon to add D800. When I needed a grab camera it was the Rebel Xti 10mp. With DSLR's mirror lock up was a must. Now mirrorless. How was your adjustment to the EVF from SLR?

What I want... light, and compact when I don't want a camera with me but feel better to have something just incase. I'd like IQ as close as I can get to my big stuff yet also have somewhat similar image capture function. When I'm in rough weather, especially when kayaking, hiking or near sea air the Oly would be obvious. In terms of my being conditioned to large image capability for prints and stock images, the Fuji seems the choice. I want it all.

I shoot a wide range of subject matter, some static where speed of focus isn't so critical and tripod can be employed but when capturing a fleeting expression where response time is crucial then I know I'd be very upset with lacking capture performance. I May have to eventually have more than one lightweight.

Thanks for your impressions.

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