GH3 is Excellent but one major flaw, + high ISO images

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GH3 is Excellent but one major flaw, + high ISO images

Having just spent a few hours with the GH3 I am realatively pleased with its performance and have outlined my findings below, these are only my views and are not intended to be biased in anyway.

Firstly the positives:

  1. The grip is the best on any compact camera system if you have medium size hands, your fingers will grip and tips of your fingers will not hit the body of the camera for a very nice and secure feel.
  2. The hand grip has a nice textured rubber feel.
  3. There are 5 FN buttons that you can customise to almost anything you want.
  4. The rear screen is superb with nice bright and good contrasty images
  5. The balance of the camera with the 12-35 is brilliant and compact.
  6. WB, ISO,+/-, drive, C1C2C3, front and rear control for exposure etc
  7. Feels very well made and good weather sealing

The ISO performance is I guess what you would expect for a MFT camera, very good at base ISO 200 and it maintains quality up to 1600 ISO, then it starts to breakdown but this obviously depends on the level of light available. By 3200 you are pushing the sensor but they are still usable, I wouldnt use above 3200 unless you want small prints and can use sone noise reduction PP.

The down sides:

Well the good news is IMO there is not much to dislike about the camera, however there is ONE MAJOR problem for me personally and its the EVF, whilst its resolution is great. I feel that it smears badly if you just move your eye slightly. Now I am not sure if all EVF's do this but I have not seen it on other cameras, like OMD and NEX 7.

Good to hear if anyone else has an issue?

Early days but apart from the EVF and poor auto WB, it looks like a very good camera.

There is a little lag when you have taken multiple frames, whilst the cameras processor catches up but this is only about 3-5 seconds.

Here are some test shots, basic stuff but hope it gives you an idea.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Sony Alpha NEX-7
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