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becasabot wrote:

Lens hood should have been 20-30 bucks and not more but I am buying the original just as you mentioned; because I am paying 2800 to the camera. At least the original is slip-on (I know it makes it a couple of dollars more than the aftermarket ones in fact). I will get camera, lens hood, EVF, two batery/charger bundle, screen protector and maybe Sony filters which are high quality and not tagged more than B+W and Heliopan. Maybe Sony should issue same filters "for RX1" at triple the price And they should next year sell an autrich feather covered version a-la-Leica, that is at a triple price of the original.

I won't get the OVF, the thumbs-up (even though I like it), and probably not the leather case either (we need to look around for a good RX1 case soon). Except maybe WA or tele adapters in the future, I wanna have a one time shopping for RX1 and then forget about gear and accessories, go nuts shooting.

I bought the $5 screw-on look-alike hood from ebay.  I thought I had read that even with the bayonette mount OEM hood, it could not be used with filters.  I would like to confirm this fact, because it does not seem right.

With that said, I have the Sony/Zeiss 24mm for the NEX system and originally it seemed filters could not work with that hood (very snug sliding hood mount over B+W CPL) but with some gentle effort the hood and filters were compatible.

The EVF on the NEX 5N works amazingly but it seems this RX1 version is the exact same except for a different color and different mount.. BUT A $200 premium over what the NEX EVF can be found for today!  Yikes.  Can anyone confirm whether the RX1 one has improved pixels over the one made for the 5N several years ago?  Nonetheless, I've sprung for it because without image stabilization in the camera, having that 3rd contact point (your eye socket) and having your elbows tucked to your body can really help eliminate motion blur.  While it is not always necessary, you're glad you got it when you need it.  A person's eyesight is also a critical consideration here, with the EVF having a diopeter vs. "the stability" of having arms extended several feet to see the composition requiring fine focus.

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