E-Pl5 with 14-150 vs Nex5N with 18-200

Started Nov 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
pcb_dpr Contributing Member • Posts: 835
Re: E-Pl5 with 14-150 vs Nex5N with 18-200

Both cameras have been tested by dpreview and many others, should be easy to check actual files from both cameras.

IQ should be pretty close. NEX5N should have slight edge at high ISO settings and make slightly better VERY large prints.

Sony 18-200 feels huge in comparison to Oly 14-150. 5N is a small body with comparatively huge lens, Oly is a slightly larger body with much smaller lens. Oly has far more excellent lenses available.

I think there's more to choosing a camera than IQ, especially when IQ differences are minimal.

Penguen wrote:

Will give away my NEX3 and need a new travel camera...I liked the camera, I didn't like the 18-55...

...which one has the best IQ?

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