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Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Imagefoundry wrote:

this is starting to get a bit hazy in my head, but here's what I remember from olden days - by default, Nikon SLR viewfinders such as one on FM3 were set to -1 (apparently it works the best, on average)

And all the 19mm Nikon adapters had markings that indicated an amount of correction after you take that -1 into account. So +1 one is actually +2. I believe only Nikon did that, the rest of the bunch - Cosina, etc. - stuck with a conventional approach.

Again, I could be wrong - this was so long ago... but it explains why Nikon's +1 works better than Fuji for you.

You could be right... why the X-Pro1 did not have an adjustable diopter makes no sense to me.. it is a "Pro Level" camera but no adjustable diopter?... not a wise move... glad to see the EX1 does have one but that does not help those of us who bought the X-Pro1.

I have wrestled with this matter a little myself, and I think I have the answers to both questions. Firstly, the standard  Fuji adapter (sometimes called diopter) also has a default value of -1, and the Cosina adapters Fuji advised in the manual for the X-Pro as well as the adapters Fuji themselves produce since a few months follow the same logic as the Nikon adapters: their indicated value takes the -1 diopter that it will replace into account. So when a test with your reading glasses tell you you need a +1, buy a +1.  Secondly, the reason the X-Pro has no build-in diopter correction, is lack of space. Fuji have pointed this out several times in interviews. Unlike the X-100 the X-Pro has an extra lens (loupe) in the OVF that gets into place automatically when either the 35 or the 60mm lens is put on the camera (and I believe that when the 18-55 mm zoom is in use, this switch is made automatically at a fitting focal length). This mechanism simply takes up space, and the choice was between either a substantially thicker camera ´╗┐with´╗┐ internal diopter correction, or a slimmer camera without.

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