Which lens to buy and does having an APS-C sensor camera effect the lens I buy and the way its used?

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Re: Two new lenses; Sigma and Canon 35's...

adrianandmel wrote:

Appreciate the post and yes I will take your advice on the flash. I'll keep those two lens' in mind but feel I would lean towards the Canon as I would incorporate video as well.

This is a real stupid question I guess but I a going to ask it anyway. As I have been told, to see what 50mm looks like or 35mm, look into my 18-200 and adjust it to the mm setting. This is fine and I have done it on both the 35mm and the 50mm. What seems to confuse me is what I am seeing through my 60d.

What you are seeing is how whatever the "mm" setting on your zoom looks like.

You do have a 60D - the APS-C camera. So just get used to how those different focal lengths (the mm) look like. What the same focal lengths look like on a full frame camera is immaterial. Why would you care? You have a 60D, no?

Is the 35mm setting on my 60d the equivalent (or closest to) a full frame 50mm


and the same for the 50mm on my 60d. Is that the closest to an 85 on a full frame.


I suppose what I am asking is if I was to purchase an L lens like the 1.2 50mm, I would be getting the same or close to the 85b on my 60d.

That lens would be giving you the field of view of a 85 mm lens on full frame. But why are you concerned?

Equally, buying a 35mm L lens, would give me what the 50mm setting is on my 60d wiith my kit lens.

No! Not the setting. Buying 35mm would give you exactly what 35mm setting on your zoom looks like, and obviously, buying a 50 would give you the... 50mm setting on your zoom.

Perhaps try to think in terms of field of view.

Why not try this: set your zoom to 35mm. Look thru the viewfinder. This is how 35mm looks on your camera. It so happens - and there is no more significance to it - that it is also how 50mm looks like on a full frame camera. But then so what?

Now set your zoom to 50mm. Look thru the vf. This is how 50mm looks like on your camera. It so happens, that 85mm looks like that on a full frame. But why worry about it?

I hope that hasn't been confusing.

I suspect, the confusion comes from the 50 f/1.2 recommendation. People would often recommend that fl, because it is sometimes thought of as "normal" fl. Giving perhaps the field of view similar to what humans get from their eyes. All that is not really necessarily so, and there are very many people who think there is nothing special about 50mm. The thing is, everybody means 50mm, as on a full frame camera - meaning a "normal" lens would be that, with a field of view of a 50 on a full frame camera.

You just pick the fl you like better (find more useful), and worry not how it looks on a full frame.

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