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Re: RAW question - Look at it this way

Noah Genda wrote:

Question: Does the RAW file handling feature in Photoshop CS5 handle the RAW file in the same manner as LightRoom, or does PS "degrade" the RAW file? In other words, does LR keep the RAW file more pure/original than PS?

I haven't used PS since CS2, so things may have changed since then, although my impression is that what I'm about to describe hasn't. (Others will chime in, I'm sure, if I'm wrong. )

In CS2, you opened the RAW file in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw), did edits there, and then saved these for use in PS. But you could not save the file as RAW - you had to save to another format - usually TIFF.

Then you did your desired processing in PS on the TIFF file. When through, you 'flattened' the file (took out layers) and saved it.

So the original RAW file was never touched in PS proper, so there is no question of it being degraded. Also, ACR didn't save back its changes to the RAW file. As I said, you saved your work in ACR in another format, so again the original RAW file was not touched.

LR does non-destructive editing of RAW files, so you can always get as close back to the original as you want.

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