LX7 at 299, impossible to pass up?

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Re: Yes, impossible

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Monochrome Guy wrote:

I want it...but, question whether I would be happy with it at any price. This is especially true since I recently purchased a V1 for short money and it serves the role I had been considering the LX7, doing it a bit better overall I believe.

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I bought the V1 but was really disappointed in it. The kit lenses are slow. This nullifies any advantage of the 1" sensor. On top of that, the controls are buried so it is more of pain to switch modes. I hated the way the flash only worked in fill mode. The camera doesn't have a "dumb" mode, like the Canon "green" position or the Olympus iauto (intelligent auto) which means when novices borrow it they can have serious problems. The auto white balance wasn't great. Unlike, other mirrorless cameras, Nikon doesn't play as well with legacy lenses (manual mode only...lack of focus assists.)

Well, I won't argue the fact that the V1 wasn't particularly well recieved. On the other hand, I have had the RX100 and prefer the V1 for its viewfinder, heft and the quick focusing abilities. I haven't used the 10-30 the came with it, instead, the 30-100 has been my lens. Fact is, plenty quick and great continual focus. I shoot with with the priority modes and I get near all keepers. I shoot mostly in black and white and it has great Raw output to work with.

Personally, I wouldn't use the V1 with legacy lenses and it is things like that that cause disappointment to users. My expectations are realistic (or so I think!) and the V1 easily meets them, better than the LX7 could, though I reallly wanted it at first and was somewhat tempted until I reflected on what I would expect of it.

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