Some questions about the G15

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Re: Some questions about the G15

You asked interesting questions so a new G15 owner I just experimented.

Yes, you can have the LCD off by default and then show an image review after the shutter is pressed.  The review time can be set from "brief" which is a split second, then with increasing times starting at 2 seconds.

For the high dynamic range setting I believe you are referring to the i-contrast setting which has a few different range settings including auto.  Unfortunately this only works in jpg mode which is unfortunate.  I believe there are conditions such as attempting to maintain a blue sky in harsh lighting where the i-contrast setting may be more effective than post processing a raw image.  My current approach is to set the shortcut button to choose raw or jpg image capture although I may set up one of the two custom settings with jpg mode and i-contrast turned on.

I agree even when compared to my aging Rebel DSLR, the dynamic range is more limited but there are many other pluses to the camera with the fast lens being a breath of fresh air.  I find I can almost always keep ISO speeds at 400 or below which is as high as I want to go with these small sensors.  The camera is quite zippy as well although the shutter lag prevents it from being a DSLR replacement where fast response is required.

andrbar wrote:


I'm a Nikon P7100 happy owner, interested in the G15 (smaller, brighter lens, very good image quality, and a VF).

I'd like to ask some questions to G15 owners:

I can set the P7100 so that by default, the LCD is OFF. Then, when I take a picture, the LCD displays the result duting a few seconds, and then shuts off.

This way, I can use the P7100 with the OVF only, something I'm used to.

Is it possible to do the same with the G15? It was not with the G11, which I had before the P7100.

I believe the G15 has a sort of High dynamic range setting.

Is it possible to use it when shooting raw, and handheld?

I'm asking because limited dynamic range is the main characteristic of compacts that bothers me.

Thank you for your answers.

Feel free to tell me about the G15 strenghts and weaknesses if you want.


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