I was yelled at for not using "L" glass.

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Re: I was yelled at for not using "L" glass.

MAC wrote:

On major basketball, the boxes on the baseline are not always easy to get and the photog might be the end end, near the basket, or even the back row.

On "major basketball", you're shooting in venue with at least a stop more light.

When I shoot from the corners, the 135mm works great. If not, I also have the 200mm f2.8 which is optically as good as the 135mm and slightly better than my heavy 70-200mm f2.8 Mark II and much much lighter!

Until the new canon 1dx, IMO the Nikon 1ds FF with 70-200 had an advantage.

What's a "Nikon 1ds FF"???

IMO in both situations you describe, the new 1dx with 70-200 II would win IMO.

Why is throwing away a stop of light a "win"?

i 'd go with the 5d3 and 70-200 before the older 1d series with noisier at hi iso. 6400 on the 5d3 is very useable.

And ISO 3200 on the 5D Mark III is worse? Why shoot at ISO 6400 when you don't have to?

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