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Re: RAW question - Look at it this way

I'll use Nikon RAW (NEFs) and NX2 as examples, since that is the environment I'm most familiar with. The same comments would apply to any RAW converter/editor that does non-destructive RAW editing.

If you save the original JPEG, yes, you can get back to the unchanged file. When you make the very first change to the JPEG, you've made an irreversible change to that copy. Do you then save that file,so you can back out that change if you want to? Then do you load the original to make the next change? If so, then you won't have the cumulative effect of both changes. If you make the next change on the same copy as the first, then you don't have a way of backing out just the first change, and so forth.

Contrast this to processing RAW files. Again, using a non-destructive editor, you can back out/change any step and see in real time the effect on other edits that you've made.

It's true that ACDSee Pro 6 claims to do non-destructive editing of JPEGs, IIRC. I have the program, but haven't yet tried this feature, so can't comment on exactly how it's implemented or how well it compares to RAW editing. But, you still have fewer bits to work with.

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