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Re: SX50 - Fortuitous shots

Although I am developing a real love/hate relationship with my new SX50 I am definitely impressed by the fact it can respond pretty quickly to opportunities (for a camera of this type). It's a lot faster than my old SP-550.

That's normally one factor which makes DSLRs worth their weight in gold. The 50 closes the gap quite nicely, even though I have to put my faith in the camera's abilities to focus, because I certainly can't tell easily from the screen as I take a quick shot.

Here's one (RAW processed for noise and exposure) I grabbed as it flew quite low overhead on Friday. I had a little warning, but it was so low it took me a while to spot over the trees  and bushes around me.

Of course what you don't see is the old biplane which was flying ahead of it, which was what I really wanted to catch. I wasn't quite quick enough to get that. But there's no way I'd have got either of them with my SP-550.

Of course if I'd got the DSLR out of my backpack I'd have caught both, but the 50 offers a good compromise between speed and cost/weight.

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