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Re: (Q) Dramatic light/looking outside

Nicolas Isaksson wrote:

Great photo, you have an eye to see these sort of opportunities. How close where you? Don't people get uncomfortable when you take their pic?

To the guy in the window I was close but not too close. To the guy on the right side in the dark I was closer (about two arm's length), he was looking outside.

Do people get uncomfortable? In this case neither of them knew I was taking the shot. I did show it afterwards to the guy on my right (the guy in the dark).  I did take earlier another shot with another guy in the window, uploaded it in my computer, tapped on the glass from the inside and turned my laptop around so he could see it and he smiled and thought it was cool.

Some people do get uncomfortable though (this in genera, on the streets, etc.). They are the exception though. When it happens usually they approach me and say "no photos please" or just say that from where they are or such. When that happens I just delete their shot.

Normally I don't shoot making myself known because I want the unadulterated moment, but I don't hide either. Normally you could say I am a bit hidden but if I am taking shots around I have my camera and people can see I am around.  Someone in particular may not know I took a shot, I am doing more the "let me show you this shot" afterward thing if I think the shot is pretty good.

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