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Re: SX50: Jupiter detail

I tried capturing Jupiter with the SX50 using 100x, but met with great difficulty in keeping the image at the center of frame for 10 consecutive snaps, in timer mode, using the tripod.

finally had to settle for a hand held shot @iso 1600, which showed 4 moons and the disc.

I have a query, I tried to align 10 images of the moon taken consecutively using Registx, to get a stack, the aling ment says it is thru, but the images are not alinged at all. the Image size that I have is 2000x1500.

Thanks, topshot

...but met with great difficulty in keeping the image at the center of frame for 10 consecutive snaps...

I'm using a spindly tripod with a small ball-head so I feel your pain!  I've since dug out a big pan-tilt but the skies have been terrible since.

This was also my first go with Registax and I just felt my way through it with little instruction. I have not tried it with the moon, please post your results.

Note: I had to use the older version 5 because version 6 would not accept my images because they were too misaligned from each other (known problem with v6).

  1. LOAD the images. 
  2. Click an "alignbox" on a high-contrast area of your image.
  3. Click the Align button up top.
  4. Look below your image and the "stacksize" should say 10/10 if it accepted all 10 of your images.
  5. Click the LIMIT button up top.
  6. Click the Optimize and Stack button.
  7. Click Realign with Processed, then click Optimize and Stack again.
  8. Wavelet options: change the Filter from Gaussian to Default.
  9. Play with the Layer settings. Layers 1 and 2 should be keep at 1 or very low. The higher Layers can be set gradually higher, avoid artifacts.  Turn Layers on and off to see the exact effect of each layer.
  10. Click Do All when done.  Save the final image or copy into clipboard (from the Final tab).

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