PC-E 24 on D800E vs TS-E 24 II / 17 on 5D II (or III)

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Re: A question

joger wrote:

mattr wrote:

brightcolours wrote:

Did you use an equivalent aperture on the 60D? Else diffraction will have a bigger impact on the image.

No, I used f/8 for everything.

The relatively poor results from the 60D surprised me. I will repeat this test when I have a chance.

brightcolors is right - if you use f/8.0 on FF the equivalent aperture on crop is roughly f/5.6

No, in my comparison the 60D uses a 24mm and the D800 a 28mm lens. Thus, the equivalent aperture is almost the same. This is difficult to compare exactly because the D800 results are resampled.

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