How sad is this?

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christian jacob
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Re: How sad is this?

Ah -- Teo Stab is one of them.

This explains this then:

And I wondered why this similar motive (well, a skull) was deemed -- by exactly three voters, as in your examples -- better than mine (the next place). I don't like to complain, because I think I can't judge my own photos objectively, but the superficial similarity combined with that "Teo"'s pic was just a snap from a museum exhibit, so not even a real still life (a little composition and thought should be there...), well, it bugged me a little.

You could talk to the host of that challenge; I guess the voter hashes (or whatever you can see) are also the same, at least unless dpreview salts the hash for each challenge.

Like you wrote: very sad. Expensive gear, but doesn't know what to do with it.

Guess he thought buying it would make his photos better, while the thing wrong with them is the composition and the lack of ideas...

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