World's best camera?

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Re: World's best camera?

What's a "Linux engineer"?  I've never heard that one before...  Is that like "sanitation engineer"?

I use Linux extensively at work for our firewalls, servers, and data storage, but I happily use Mac at home (and PC too) and the Darwin unix kernal on the mac can do all the same things... It's basically just BSD Unix with a whole pile of Apple modules loaded.

I always get a kick out of people, and I'm sure you do too, when they say they're big into Linux and everything they do is in the Ubuntu GUI...

If your hate for all things Apple means you're carrying a phone around with a lousy camera, well that's your choice ...

For my day job I'm a Linux engineer so I'm used to the openness and freedom that comes with using Linux. The idea of giving that up and submitting to the whims of Apple doesn't sit right with me.

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