Need some CC on a few shots - Thank you

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Re: Need some CC on a few shots - Thank you

ESfishdoc wrote:

ESfishdoc, first, thank for taking the time to write.

A couple of comments if I may. You make comments on how the RAW looked better and the jpg lost the pop the RAW had. That is a bit unusual the way I see things as the RAW image is usually much flatter and any "pop" comes out in post processing. But.. we all see things differently.

Yes.  This is why I put two of the same images here. One at higher contrast and color to see if they were too blown out.  I don't want the colors to bloom.  The larger 30MB RAW files have much more detail and when set to ADOBE color vs RGB they print very well.

Color and contrast has so many factors. Some lenses like the Zeiss 21 2.8 seem to really be special. However, most of what I want has to have post processing applied to a RAW image. The differences between cameras will probably be very little.. especially the 7D and 5DmkII. I have both but have never touched a Nikon so I can't comment there.

Can I see one of your shots with the Zeiss?  I'm interested, Thank you!

Judging from the images shadows you were shooting with the sun directly overhead. That is usually some of the toughest light to work with and provides the least drama.

This is when they shoot also. Production days are limited and every bit of daylight is worth money.  I won't be able to control that. Best I can do is keep my back to the sun, use ND. The DOF is OK when I'm not shooting the people competing on the show.

You also were shooting at f22 which can cause some diffraction (although most will never notice when that happens) as well as a large depth of field. So if you were intentionally shooting at f22 for the desired effect all is well. Otherwise I'd shoot a scene like that at iso 100 and faster shutter speed to and around f 8 to 11. All very personal choices.

Concerning the images: Too much sky, especially in the first. The sky is not all that interesting and the water and boats seem secondary. The beach is washed out and lost in highlights in many areas. While the pictures may be telling a story that is very specific to a limited audience (such as the company you are shooting for) I don't quite see it. I see beach and clouds and think it is too hot to be sitting in the chairs and move on.

Need the sky (space) for credits and graphics to be used by Advertising Sales and Affiliate Sales.  This is what he wanted.  He also showed me painintngs of an artist by the name of Mary-Sip Green he wated that amount if possible.

I'm having in trouble with with the sun here.  It's so bright.  at one point the 7D was reading 5000 at F22.   If I use an ND I found the chairs to be too dark.  The shots with the proper lighting on the sand did not hold true to everything else.  I tried bracketing and combining the three shots but did not like the effect.

IM VERY OPEN TO HELP HERE!!!!!   How would you fix this???????

Changing cameras is going to do very little that will impact these images. Composition, lighting, and post processing is where the money is.

Richard, I'm open to the Zeiss lens and please tell me more about how you deal with the bright sand issue.  It's something I'll have to deal with all the time.

THANK YOU for your help and advice,

With best regards



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