Is a larger sensor LX9 in the works?

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Re: What do you need a bigger sensor for ?

The following is from a thread which I shouldn't have started "LX8 coming soon??" I will repost here.

Could these nice prices for the LX7 be an omen for a LX8 to be released next year? Yeah, I know, it's supposed to be every 2 years for a new Panasonic model right? In these economic hard times competition is getting fierce fighting for every dollar. Is the Sony RX100 taking away sales from the Panasonic LX7?

I look at the Apple iPad 3 (the new iPad) which came out last March. [ Apple usually waits at least a year for the next generation iPad] Well guess what? Apple broke that rule and came out with the iPad 4 just a few months later (6 months later I think?) with a faster iPad due to competition. Apple wanted to remain top dog.

Could the same happen with the Panasonic LX7? The LX7 already has a fantastic lens, now all they need is to combine it with a larger sensor like the Sony RX100. Isn't this where the competition is leading? I really don't know if Panasonic has plans for a bigger sensor for this camera but where else can they go?

Of course I'm just speculating but am I making any sense? It would not surprise me to see a LX8 next year. But, for the time being, I'm sticking with my LX5.

Only the strong survive in these economic times.

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