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lasm wrote:

I decided to do the 1.0.2 upgrade to 1.0.3 on my dp2m since white balance accuracy on the live view is important enough. I thought it was a piece of cake as the previous upgrade. Everything went well on a newly charged battery, and then the camera shut down automatically, it took about less than 5 minutes. I powered it up immediately, checked that the version says 1.0.3 and proceed to format the card just in case I accidentally hit the upgrade another time. The format took too long, I left it standing and 5 minutes later, the red light is still flickering. Had to pop out the battery to stop the runaway format and then restart the dp2m again, redo the format and this time it completed in less than 10 seconds..

Firmware update is always a scary thing.

This happened to me going to 1.0.2 and scared me. After posting and getting responses that others had to pull the battery, I was wondering if it would happen again. It sure did. Red light blinking upon card format. So just pulled the battery - started the camera back up - formatted the card in seconds on the second go-round. I've just added this idiotic behavior to the list of weird, clunky behavior that comes along with the incredible image quality of this odd little camera!

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