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Re: Question on attached photo

I do not know which style you are using. I find Standard a little bit too harsh for flash. Try Faithfull and you can even reduce the saturation for one point.

Also, using AWB you are going to have all kind of different tones and colors because the camera make its own decision based on if it find an usuable white spot in the picture as reference. If there is not white in the picture the camera could give you a redition different of the one you were expecting.

You can try using 5500K as your WB setting to start and move as you need. You could also make your own Custom WB and keep it for flash. And nothing wrong by shooting at ISO 1600, specially with a Mark III. I do not know which flash you have. I use Canon 430ex II on my Mark III or 7D.

When shooting with flash I shoot on Manual, 1/160, f3.5 ISO 2000 if I aim the flash to the ceiling (when the ceiling is white and not too high), and ISO 1600, f5/6 when I shoot with the flash aiming my subject. That's for candid in the church or reception. In the studio is a different ball game. I use 1/160, f/5.6, ISO 100. And of course, I use 5500K most of the time.

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