D600, OM-D, % X-E1 on Hand...Questions or test shots?

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Re: D600, OM-D, % X-E1 on Hand...Questions or test shots?

Lindsay D wrote:

Hi Reza, the OMD output can be fine tuned very easily, and the Fuji colour can be adjusted in-camera too. In my article I left it 'as is' but switched off the added warmth on the Oly which is an option in one of the menus. You can moderate the warmth or coolness to taste and it was very easy to match the OMD colour to the Fuji colour, for occasions where I shoot both cameras side by side. The colours of both are very pleasing however. The IQ of both is so good that it would not be a determining factor for me (though I cannot speak for others) whereas handling is different. This can be key - the OMD has very small buttons which I imagine some people with larger hands might find fiddly. I encourage anyone considering either camera to get on in their hands, that can so often be the deal breaker/maker.

UPS! my hand kinda big. Hmm i guess i will take Fuji X-E1 after all i want to try the X-trans Cmos Sensor =D. Thanks for your info Lindsay!

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