Need help picking a computer for photoshop(UK)

Started Nov 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
nofumble Senior Member • Posts: 1,944
Me too

My current rig is a i5-650 Duo/GT240/16G DDR1600/180G Intel SSD330.

Upgrading from HDD to SSD improved launch time a lot. I would suggest you consider at least 180G SSD. There are good deal on Intel 330 series right now.

When I am doing background blurr with CS6, I still have to wait quite a while. Also, processing Nik software is also slow. Typical wait time is 20-40 seconds, not an outcry by any mean but if I have to edit 100 pictures, the wait time add up quickly.

Just like you, I am considering i7-3770 upgrade. Some of the CS6 and NIK image processing does use graphic card accelerator. But I don't do 3D nor play video game. Contemplate on a GTX 650 or a 650 TI. Not sure it helps much, can anyone confirm?

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