SX50 - Fortuitous shots

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Maureen I Contributing Member • Posts: 627
Re: SX50 - Fortuitous shots

Great shots, Mario, of the plane.  Nice and clear and at full optical zoom!

I was in Costco yesterday and saw the SX50.  I picked it up and it felt good but they just got it in and on display and it had no power.  The clerk said that he just ordered a power cord.  I was curious to try out its focusing ability.  Oh well, next time.  However, I can't justify buying another camera when I've got the P510, P80, Fuji F10, and Canon A530 (never really used the A530 much because of lousy battery power...AA...even with the rechargeable ones)...all in fine working order.  Still, I'm enjoying all of the SX50 owners' postings of their photos and think from what I see that it's a great camera.  Have fun, all.

I'm glad your camera did well after your tumble and hope that your elbow is on the mend.

Looking forward to seeing more of your photos, Mario.

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