Fastest way to source SD14/15 IR/dust prot. in rural Spain (n/t)

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Re: Fastest way to source SD14/15 IR/dust prot. in rural Spain (n/t)

Mil gracias Zone8 and Andystar!!!

Sigma France told me Sigma Corp doesn't let subsidiaries sell outside of their country (took 2 days to respond), and I stupidly believed them! No response yet from Sigma's distributor in Spain. Never thought of the UK.

Apologies for any typos - on the bus into Sevilla, and its bumpy and sunny, so hard to see and type.

Thank you for answering such an odd post. My Android browser no longer works properly on this site - it did for years. Now the text body area is inaccessible. That's why I could only use the subject areas. Also, I never checked back, because I had (by default) email notification enabled, and never got a single email about responses to my post. Just thought I'd check, and glad I did.

Beautiful country.

Zone8, I won't be near your neck of the woods, but spending a week around Andalusia.

I have changed the filter 3x before (once on the Spanish Ave bullet train!) without incident, but I guess I got cocky, and was overtired from the time difference, and screwed up big time at 3:00 AM local time. So frustrating. It actually works fine as long as the overall scene is not extremely bright, or as long as there's no specular reflections or very contrasty light sources. Things these cameras normally handle quite beautifully!

Thanks again so much!

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