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Usually when you post a request like this, you get a lot of advice telling you to buy this or that very wide angle lens. These lenses can be great when used properly. However, the usual tendancy is to use them to include too mych in your landscapes. Usually less is more so that you can focus on the subject.

One thing that will improve your landscapes iw the addition of a circular polarizing filter. I also like to use a tripod for landscapes

I have the tripod will invest in a filter is there one you can recommend please. do a review of Circular Polarisers here

The Top two are the B & W available from Amazon at £60.07 or the Maruma DHG Super at Amazon for £43.83

Be aware that using a CP with the 18-55 IS or the 55-250 (58mm diameter fits both lenses) can be a little tricky as the front of the lens rotates while focusing. The trick is to focus then set the CP.

Hope that helps


+1 on the filter recommendations.  I've been using the Marumi DHG Super due to cost constraints with excellent results and B+W has a tremendous reputation as being the best in the business.


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