Finally Seeing the Light(room)

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Re: Finally Seeing the Light(room)

It took a long time to get me off DPP even though I used PS as well. I used DPP as my primary converter and then worked in PS. This was basically because I could not stand Adobe colours. Now we have Canon camera profiles using both LR and PS and Adobe as come a long with colour in the last few years.

One reason I could not get used to LR was the export page. After so many years of editing in PS I was used to seeing the final product before saving. In LR you select your output sharpening and then you see the results after it renders the image. I just could not get used to that. I finally tried the free trial for the 3rd time and did some intensive testing and decided to trust the output sharpening. I also did some research into that and who developed it which helped.

Where LR shines to me is mass edits. Using the DPP method to PS method and running the images through resizing/sharpening actions was a nightmare when it came to time. LR has cut my PP time in half and is no where near as frustrating. Even my wife commented of that

When it comes to single images, fine prints or whatever you want to call it I normally still use the  DPP/PS method or PS on it's own. Is still like to have total control of sharpening before saving. I use an edge sharpening method. There are many out there but the link below is my favourite.   You can feather the sharpening amount back at the end so I sharpen at 300. I have found no two images are alike. To expand on that an image of a car and an image of a bird will sharpen differently. More fine detail in the eyes, feathers, etc. Some I can leave at 300, some I have to feather back 50%, some 90%.

Even if I started with LR on a single image I would still export into PS and finish it there. I created an action which includes resizing the image. This is an awesome method.

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