A77 totally submerged under water after a fall...

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Re: A77 totally submerged under water after a fall...

EvilOne wrote:

I am a bit skeptical about this.... not that you made this up, but a third party said so with out any real evidence... I would not " take to the bank " what any third party would claim as fact.....

What do you mean 3rd party?  Would it make it any more valid to you if the O/P had said they had done it and not a friend?  You either take the posters word or not given this is the Internet.

But the biggest concern that I would have is that some people might take this as fact and thus give anyone with less than reasonable caution, a false sense of security. I'm not saying it wasn't true, what IM saying is that I would never put myself in a position to try it out. Because I do have reasonable caution, and if this were the case, Sony would be all over this in their marketing campaigns . Anyone that would take this as fact, should then, as a leap of faith, drop their camera in a bucket of water and take a video with it submerged and report back with the video.

I don't doubt the O/P's word at all but I still would't drop my A77 in bucket to find out.  I remember years ago the Olympus E1 got a reputation of being so weatherproof users started rinsing their grubby cameras under the tap!  Olympus never endorsed this practice and I am pretty damn sure Sony would never endorse similar either.

Doesn't mean either story is false.

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