A Film Lovers Velvia Fall (3 of 3)

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Re: A Film Lovers Velvia Fall (3 of 3)

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

First off if you don't like film anymore and don't think film should be used anymore for fun then you don't need to comment in this thread.

Sorry for that first part, i just don't care to have people bashing me with their opinions suggesting that i'm stupid for still enjoying film, it happened the last time i posted film photos, it doesn't need to happen again...

Hi Mike: as David said, I don't think you can be a photographer and not be interested in film; and it's just pointless to criticise what you do for fun. One of my brothers and one of my sons regularly use film (135 and 66); these days it's too much effort for me but I'm still intrigued by the way they do it.

On a similar line of reasoning, our garden doesn't have a lawn (because lawns insist on being tended when they need it) but Jen and I often visit other gardens. And one of the things I take a great interest in is how they use their lawns .As it happens, like Jim I preferred Kodachrome 64, so for my taste this one's a bit overdone - but I'm still glad to see it.

It would be a desperately boring world if we all took the same sort of photos with the same kit and the same rendering. So please ignore the naysayers and kep on posting your film work.

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Gerry missed out a format - not just 135 and 6x6,  there's a Bronica 645 lurking in my cupboard as well.

My memory's going though, I thought I had an SLR with half a roll of Velvia still to shoot, but I don't.  It does now have a roll of Provia 100F (colour negative) in it and it's going to be used with 3 AF primes (20/2.8, 24/2.8, 50/1.8) and an MF Tamron Adaptall SP 60-300/3.8-5.4.  Might add an AF 35/1.8 but I'll have to remember not to stop down past 5.6 or the vignetting will get a bit problematic.

But I do have a roll of slightly time expired Velvia 50 in 120 format, and the next fun phase will be deciding whether to use it in a Pentacon P6 or the Bronica, and the fun after that will be actually shooting it.  The P6 will probably win out because I haven't done CZJ justice recently.

Just to stay the right side of any rigid Pentaxians, I'll also put a roll of FP4 into the ESII and stick to Super-Multi-Coated and SMC Taks.  If I post anything on here (not in this thread, this is Mike's showcase) it will just be Pentax, but anything from the non Pentax gear that's worth a look I can put up on Pbase and post a link.

Film processing will be mail order with Peak Imaging, Sheffield, England who are excellent, and scanning will be on my Epson V500.  The hardest work there will be getting to grips with the colour negs, I have struggled to date to get the scanned images with the same look as prints.

I'll finish by echoing Mike's opening remarks - please don't pounce on me just because most of my upcoming film fun is going to be on non-Pentax equipment.  If you don't have any interest in non Pentax film gear, just ignore me.

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