Y'all need to lighten up a notch or two.

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Re: Y'all need to lighten up a notch or two.

4x5 Guy wrote:

Doublehelix wrote:

The funny thing is, you look at the posting history of some of these trolls (4x5 Guy for example), and they are almost 100% flames and insults. They add nothing positive to the forum, but there is no moderation here, so they run wild.

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I am not a troll. I am a regular looking human being. The problem is that there is so much stupidity in this forum that it's hard not to silent. Most of my comments are related to the hideous pictures that are presented here that shouldn't be presented in this gear forum. So stop being a pompous self righteous a*s.

How odd. I have had a couple of posts removed from this thread, including one where I politely pointed out that the above poster only ever posts abuse as per the above example. And yet the above abusive post is still here. Eh? How does that work then? So someone can verbally abuse others, but if someone else points that out, the post is removed. Eh? No wonder this forum is full of squabbling.

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