Understanding Pixel Counts

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Re: Per-pixel sharpness...

Great Bustard wrote: What I'm doing, then, is not ignoring, but assuming these other factors to be close, if not the same.

dear great, and what I am doing is, assuming aa-filter, lens, ergonomic design to be able not to blur or miss a shot has much morge influence than pixel count, thus pixel count, if within the range of 1:1.5, can be ignored if you look at pictures of the same size.

tell you, the formfactor of the cam, each knob on the right place, desides whether you get the job done or missed. so, you are concentrating on the wrong details :-)))

(and if you refer to stillife shots from tripod, then you are arguing in the wrong direction, but for that medium format or even bigger is the choice :-))

but principally, yess, you are right. 1+1 is more than 0.9+0.9. but you are blind, if you do not see that (1+1)x0.5 is less than (0.9+0.9)x1.1 :-))))

godday, great!

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