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Karl H. Timmerman M.A.J.D. wrote:

I have been here a long time, (1999) ... a time when "digital" was the "red headed stepchild" of the photog community. When the "big issue" debated was ... how many megapixils it took, to replicate "film". I have gone through a BUNCH of digicams, (does Casio ring a bell?). Spent more than I care to share, (even my first wife didn't get how much, during my divorce). Participated in many discussions/arguments with folks here, at the time, (many, like Fred Miranda capitalized on the discussions and went their own way ... and capitalized on the technology) ... we all learned. Grew.

Fast forward to now. Phil sold Dpreview ... walked to the bank and cashed a check, well deserved for the work and vision he had. Dpreview now? A bunch of gear/topic specific forums. And some members who have no clue about the history of Dpreview, it's original purpose ... and, like many younger folks today, a strong sense of entitlement ... to an "Easy Button". There isn't one. Sorry.

Bottom line? The reason I signed up? To be part of a community that supported it's members. Offered helpful advice, encouraged and shared information that would enable all of us to grow.

Members can not get me or Neil, or whomever you don't agree with, don't like, (for whatever reason), banned ... any more than I can get the wastes of perfectly good skin, who post hateful negative comments, banned. For the most part. the moderators here respect free speech, (even hateful free speech) ... as long as the speech does not violate American Federal Law or impact the bottom line of this site.

I have a modest proposal. How about, we get back to the basics? Acknowledge we all have a learning curve and help each other meet it? Offer helpful advice? With links, if possible? Encourage each other to share images, produced by the gear we use? Wouldn't we all grow, seeing another's vision? Give us a different perspective?


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I totally agree The only issue is that people keep posting pictures in the wrong section. If posting the picture is to show a cameras (Nikon FX SLR (D1-D4, D600-D800) capability or issue then great, by all means it gives us an example which can be discussed in this forum and that is part of the purpose of this forum. For some reason people keep posting pictures without any connection to the equipment. Here is alink to the proper place to post pictures which you probably know all too well since you've been around a lot longer than I.

I like your pics and have no problem looking at them but I must admit that some are fanning their own flame stating how amazing they are and just posting pics like this is their personal gallery. You must admit it's a bit of a slap in the face to be so cocky. No disrespect and I agree with most of your points

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