Any Canon DSLR users to X-E1?

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Re: Any Canon DSLR users to X-E1?

David Hardaway wrote:

I have 2 5DMIIs I use when I need to shoot RAW and get the most I can from the images. I also just purchased the X-E1 Black 18-55 kit today from Calumet in LA.

In my opinion the FUJI X is a completely different camera. Not saying it can't be used professionally, just saying it meets the needs image quality needs while also being understated for street/Travel/Family shots. My plans for the camera are for those reasons and to leave the heavier gear for paying jobs.

As far as sharpness is concerned, I can get the same OOC sharp contrasty saturated jpgs by setting up a custom profile in the camera and pushing sharpness to max bumping contrast and saturation a notch and viola. I've been testing that over Thanksgiving and the results look just as good. But the camera is bulky, very bulky in comparison to the X-E1.

The X-E1 with the 18-55 zoom lens attached has the total length of the EF 24-105 zoom lens. It's SMALL in comparison.

It's all really a question of what you intend to shoot with the cameras. The full frame larger sensor is capable of larger DOF and greater post processing capability.

I can't wait to get my new X-E1 next week. I wish I would have sprung for 2nd day air. Oh well.

It appears that the west coast is getting the cameras more frequently for some reason.


Thanks for the reply and congrats on ordering the XE!

Yes I do agree with you the two are very different cameras. I will not be using it for professional work. Mainly travel and daily photos around the neighbourhood (which would encompass people, landscape and architecture). The smaller size is definitely attractive. But at the same time size isn't my main concern - more so which would produce images with nicer colours and depth.

I look at sample images online and i quite consistently like the ones produced by Fuji X (XPro1 and XE1) more than 5D mk3. I am not sure if it's the way that people have processed the images but the fuji pics seem to pop out so much more. As I mentioned in a reply above, I just don't know how to accept the idea that such a larger DSLR camera would (in my eyes) seem to pack less punch in its images than such a smaller one. I do understand the DSLR has quite a bit more functions than a Fuji, not to mention a larger sensor. But dazzling functions aside and under good shooting conditions, I don't see where the size and bulk has went to make the 5D mk3 better...

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