A77 - fast enough for toddlers?

Started Nov 24, 2012 | Questions thread
Gaëtan Lehmann Regular Member • Posts: 125
Re: A77 - fast enough for toddlers?

Of course focusing speed depends a lot on the lens attached to the A77.

My Tamron 17-50 and my SAL 35mm f/1.8 sometimes have some hard time with my two years old son, and I really which I had bought the A77 with the SAL 16-50 or any other fast focusing lens!

That being said, AF is good enough most of the time, even with these not so fast focusing lenses

And the tilt screen is priceless with toddlers, and will avoid you a lot of crawling on the floor. BTW, following a toddler while crawling is a lot more challenging than acquiring focus - it's better to be on your feet, and the tilt screen actually helps a lot for that.

And EVF is of course good enough for toddlers

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